Where to begin? The business side . . . professional photographer, web and graphic designer, Windows guru, computer security sage and social media shaman. Plus accountant, business manager, sales and marketing specialist . . . all that fun stuff!

Personally – husband, step-father, father, grandfather, papa. If I’m not behind my camera or at my computer, you might spot me riding my Specialized Epic on the twisty trails, traversing the country-side on my XC skis, kicking a soccer ball, firing hard rubber pucks, coaching my son’s soccer and hockey teams or setting up our trailer for a camping getaway.

On the slower side, the XBox is hooked up to the big screen for some Modern Warfare or Assassin’s Creed (the visuals and story are too incredible to miss). On my PVR – Face-Off on Space channel, American Idol, Survivor and the odd Stargate. On my iGod – Evanescence (love Amy Lee’s voice), Def Leppard, Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones, AC/DC . . . let’s just call it a varied and crazy collection of superstars, divas, legends and inspirations (and a bit of speed metal for good measure). Time permitting, I love to cook – a fusion of Italian-Asian-Caribbean-Western flavours and styles.

Why am I here? To share, to inform, to educate, to learn, to praise, to promote, to be one with the Neterverse. If you have a suggestion for an article, just let me know.

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